About our company


At Crystal-Hosting we carry many years experience in IPTV and in all aspects of server management.

We have been in this game since 2013 and have very rarely opened our doors in such a fashion,

We are only taking on a specified amount of new users so dont waste your chance to get onboard

Our mission

Is to rock the IPTV world into a new era of reliable HD streams Hosted on superfast high capacity servers in multiple countries (UK/USA/Amsterdam) so you always get the best connection possible.

We have excellent support facilities and we ALWAYS try our best to answer all support queries ASAP and welcome you to a FREE 24 hour trial of our service - after all dont take my word for it,

We also offer a full 72 hour money back guarentee if you are unsatisfied with the service.

  • UK FHD 1080p 50fps Its like watching normal HD TV.
  • High capcity networks 10gbps in multiple countries.
  • All UK & USA are local streams and are not restreams.