Dedicated Reseller

New to Big Resellers Your Own Dedicated Reseller Hosting Just £600 Per Month, Create & Sell 100s of accounts for your users, Streams Included #READ ON#

Kodi Resellers, Box Resellers you will finally have full control

Now You Can Provide the service you always wanted!
I offer you your very OWN Dedicated Reseller hosting where YOU and only YOU are on the DEDICATED SERVER WITH 1Gbps Port, You have all the server resources and all the bandwidth and you will get almost similar to my playlist of channels i have now.

You get with the offer i give to you today, To create and sell as many accounts as your server can handle and lets not forget not all users are always online at the same time, so the server i offer you can sell 600 accounts (and lets say only 50% of them are online at any one time) so the server can handle around 350-400 connections at the same time - More servers can be added to your own cluster at an extra cost £££ per month. (bigger & better servers can also be ordered)

All streams you will get to use are run from seperate servers so that means that the channel list i supply, only you are getting so you get full resources at my tap to.

The original stream list consists of 300ish Streams from several IPTV Providers & i constantly check and change any bad channels (I offer a report section on my forum for bad channels) and i will add new stream sources as and when needed, as i dont control the actual source of the channels i will not guarentee 100% uptime! this is why i use a system of 5 providers to ensure we always have a working backup, I can tell you i buy from the source/streamer themselfs so that means i am not having to wait on 6 ppl to email each other while someone finally contacts the source, Using the system of several providers i use means i can offer you 98-99% uptime and anyone who offers you more are not telling you the truth.

That 1-2% of downtime i will not guarentee can equal about 13-26 minutes every 24 hours per channel, this will happen on random channels throughout the day where it can go offline for a minute or 2 every few hours, (this is normal all channels are on servers and servers get rebooted or anything) and again anyone who tells you different is not telling you the truth, not even the big cable/sky companies always have a 100% success rate. (please note if the actual source goes down for any reason then downtime will be extended)

I would also like you to note before buying as ive already touched on above the channels are bought at great expense and i offer them to you at a discounted rate and this will remain, BUT Even so i dont control the channels or the servers that are used by the providers so if a provider goes offline for any reason then we all have to sit tight, (but do not worry i will add a new provider in this case, after waiting ofcourse a reasonable amount of time first)

Server Management

I will look after your server(s) for you if you feel they need a reboot or they are not working correctly please get intouch.

I will manage your server and respond to your pleas for help, i can soft reboot and hard reboot each server at anytime day or night, i have root access so i can go in and run commands to try and fix anything that is wrong etc. Leaving you to get on with the important things ;)
Please note i do not own the servers directly i only rent them from a data centre (i use several data centres) and anything can happen from natural disasters to a fire etc.
so i will not offer 100% uptime on these either (im just telling you the truth before we start) but each server comes with a mirror Hard Drive and it backs itself up so in most cases of system failure we can recover the information.
But i would like to say right here right now i am not responsible for any loss of data etc. i will try my hardest to get your data back from the data centre but this is not always possible. Anyway this being said, you can always backup your user database from inside the panel.

So this is what you are getting for your £600 a month

Create & sell an UNLIMITED Amount of Accounts
Your Very Own Dedicated Server 1Gbps Port, can easy sell 600 accounts - 350 connections at the same time (maybe more)
Your Very Own Pro Xtream-Codes FULLY LICENSED Panel - Create and manage your own M3U playlists Add & Remove Streams & VOD, Connect Mag Devices Mac Address, Stalker Portal - Download any playlist in lots of different formats, Playlist work on lots of different devices like Android, IOS, Kodi, Smart TV, Stalker Portal, VLC, Web Browser, + Many More
300+ Channels Lots in HD All 3pm & Movies in FHD (quality over quantity)
Lots of VOD Included - Subject to change at any time
Sell accounts for any length of time from 1 hour to 365 days
You can add your own channels at NO extra cost - the channels you add go onto your server and not mine!

This offer is the deal of the century Most of you big kodi / box sellers spend alot more per month and wont get as good a service. if you think about it £600pm for 600 accounts means each account is costing you less than £1pm

Kodi Resellers, Box Resellers you will finally have control

Note, Failure to pay for your services will result in your account & customers being deleted & data lost forever. 2 Days after failed payment

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Main Benefits:

Earn Money

Full Server To Yourself

Full Panel Access

Sell Unlimited Accounts

Comes With 300+ Top Streams

Very Stable Streams Provided

Even On A Saturday

Add Your Own Streams & VOD

1Gbps Server & 2x2TB Drives

1 Click DataBase Backup

More Servers Can Be Added

You Are The Boss

Full Support Included

Big Resellers Kodi or Box Sellers

This Is For You

Comes Ready So You Can Sell Immediately

Its Down To You Not To Oversell Your Server & Degrade Your Service, More Servers Can Be Added Though So Dont Panic

Earn Money