Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed Dedicated Solutions

Here at Docs4you we are committed to offering a reliable powerful service. Your new server will be managed by me, I have years of experiance at administrating servers, So you will be in safe hands with Docs4you.

We offer a range of servers that are suitable for all needs, IPTV Servers, Plex Servers, Website Hosting Servers, Storage Servers.

Dedicated Features:

Fully Managed

Free Monitoring

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Free Setup

Docs4you Servers:

Below is a list of servers that Docs4you provides.All servers are fully managed by me.

Server CPU Disks Memory Bandwidth Port Price Setup Order
AMD Opteron 4122 (£10 Setup Fee) 2.2 GHz 2 TB 16GB Unlim 100 Mbps £50.00 p/m 8 hours Buy Now
Intel Xeon D 2.6 GHz 4 TB 32GB DDR4 Unlim 1 GHz £110.00 p/m 8 hours Coming Soon

Torrent Seedbox Servers:

Below is a list of Dedicated Torrent Seedbox Servers that Docs4you offer. All seedbox servers are fully managed by me.
All my shared Torrent Seedbox's are cheap and reliable, I do not oversell & i offer a 48 hour Money Back Guarantee. Each account comes with FTP details & http downloads for ease of use, You can access your seedbox account from any device and anywhere in the world.

Torrent Seedbox's CPU Disk Memory Bandwidth Port Speed Price Setup Order
Shared Torrent Seedbox - GHz+ 100 GB - Unlim 100 Mbps £5.00 p/m 8 hours Order Today
Dedicated Seedbox 1 1.86 GHz+ 2 TB 4GB Unlim 100 Mbps £40.00 p/m 8 hours Order Today
Dedicated Seedbox 2 2.6 GHz+ 2 x 2 TB 32GB Unlim 1 Gbps £99.99 p/m 8 hours Order Today


Docs4you uses expert servers, Whether that is for a seedbox or a full dedicated machine, You can rest assured with Docs4you you are in safe hands, I have remote reboot & full root access to each server.

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Uptime Guarantee

I aim for 100% uptime but sometimes things are out of my control, If a data centre floods or burns down etc i can not do anything about that. There for it is down to you to make sure you have backups of your data etc.

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Support Center

For Support please see the support forum, I offer full support for all my services, You can even join the support forum & ask questions and other members might answer faster than me.

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