Reseller Terms & Conditions

1, To become a reseller you must first purchase a minimum of 100 credits (after your trial ofcourse)

2, As a reseller you must purchase a minimum of 150 credits per month to maintain your spot on the service. (No clients will lose there accounts)

3, You must not use my service to defraud any member of the public (Your account will be banned and all credits lost if this occurs)

4, If a customer of yours is found to be restreaming the customers account will be banned immediately without notice and no refunds given

5, New & inexperianced resellers will be given plenty of help and advice on request

6, Terms can update at anytime it is your responsibility to know them

Other Important & Usefull Information

Reseller prices are as follows
30 Credits will create a 1 year account
20 Credits will create a 6 month account
12 Credits will create a 3 month account
8 Credits will create a 1 month account
Each credit is worth 1 GBP
You can create Sub-Resellers at a cost of 30 credits per sub-reseller (Thats right you be the BOSS)
You get your own Web Based Panel where you will create and maintain your clients (The panel can be accessed from anywhere in the world)
You can give out upto 6 FREE trials per day
Playlist Connections will play on many many devices and apps and are by far the most versatile format to use
STB/Mac connections are locked to the device they are first connected to
Each account you create will have a limit of 1 connection unless you choose multi-room which has a limit of 2 connections
You must delete any expired trial account before 24 hours after it has expired (This saves the system getting clogged up with unnecessary files/logs)
The whole service is usually rebooted on a Sunday night / early Monday morning
Got any questions please do not hesistate to contact me even with the smallest request!

You will be supplied with the best streams you can get, no other service will have better quality!

Mark - Crystal-Hosting - (SuperIa-Pro-TeaVee) -